LG G3 QuickCircle Case shown off in official video

The LG G3 smartphone will be offered with the QuickCircle Case, a case with a circular window to let you view and engage with the phone’s screen without opening the case.

Shown off in an official video uploaded to LG’s YouTube page, the QuickCircle Case lets the user make calls, change the music they’re listening, take photos, write text messages, access a fitness or pedometer application and more.

The case’s circular window offers a peek at a uniquely shaped set of apps which could give an indication of what LG has planned for its upcoming range of Android Wear smartwatches, at least one of which will have a circular screen.

LG has also revealed that the QuickCircle Case will support wireless charging, although it isn’t clear if the phone can also charge without wires, or if the case is needed for this feature.

The LG G3 will be fully unveiled at a media event in London on 27 May, which Mobile Choice will be attending - so keep an eye out for our first impressions of the G3 later that day.


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