Facebook developing Snapchat rival called Slingshot

Facebook is developing a mobile chatting application to rival Snapchat, dubbed Slingshot, where messages will disappear a set number of seconds after being sent.


According to the Financial Times, the application is currently being created and will function as a standalone mobile app, sitting alongside Facebook’s own Messenger app, WhatsApp - which it purchased for $19bn earlier this year - and Instagram, bought last year for $1bn.


Facebook has made multiple attempts at cracking the ephemeral messaging industry, where senders specify how long messages are shown to the recipient before automatically deleting themselves.


The social network failed to buy Snapchat with a reported bid of $1bn, while its Poke application failed to become a success and was removed from the app stores earlier this month.


The reasons for launching a rival to Snapchat are obvious - a recent report found it to be the most popular third-party messages app in the US, processing a higher volume of messages and images than even WhatsApp.


Facebook has refused to comment on the FT report.


Source: Financial Times



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