Microsoft publishes first Lumia advert since Nokia takeover

Today is the day 25,000 people started their first day at Microsoft, following the company’s acquisition of Nokia’s hardware business.

A number of changes have already been made to Nokia’s website, adding Microsoft branding and company information, while Nokia’s UK PR operations now work on behalf of new company Microsoft Mobile.

Employees have tweeted selfies of their new work badges, and Microsoft has published its first advert for Nokia phones. While it isn’t yet clear if Microsoft will keep the Nokia or Lumia names, the advert shows how the company wants to stand out from the crowd.

Called ‘Not Like Everybody Else’, the advert shows brightly coloured Lumia owners walking through a world of monochrome, where everyone else - presumably Apple and Samsung users - is in black and white. 

A Lumia 1020 used in the advert retains the Nokia name above its screen, and the Nokia logo remains present throughout the 80-second commercial.

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