Why 1 in 5 Britons want Google Glass banned

As Google launched an awareness-raising one-day public sale of Google Glass, Britons were revealing their suspicions about the new technology.

A new survey co-inciding with the public sale found almost 1 in 2 Britons have privacy concerns about Glass and its camera, which can be used to photograph and record anything or anyone the wearer looks at.

The concern was so severe for some respondents that one-in-five said they would back an outright ban on using Google Glass in public places.

Conducted by Gorkana, the survey asked 1,000 people for their thoughts on Google Glass, which was available to the US general public on 15 April for $1,500.

Despite the widespread media coverage of Glass - and the potential legal and privacy issues surrounding it -  only 12% of respondents claimed to know a lot about the product.  A further 20% had an inkling as to what the gadget might be.

 Aside from the one-day public sale, Glass is only available to member of Google’s Explorer programme, which application developers can sign up to - but applicants are required to provide a US shipping address, meaning there are very few Glass units in the UK for now.

Google is widely expected to offer an updated version of Glass to the general public - and at a much lower price - later this year. The search giant recently announced a partnership with the Luxottica Group, which produces sunglasses for Oakley and Ray-Ban.

Jeremy Thompson, CEO of Gorkana Group, said: “The data clearly shows that Google Glass has a long way to go in gaining wide appeal in the UK. More concerning for wearable devices such as this is that of those that do know the products well, a significant majority have concerns about privacy, which certainly suggests that education about the product is going to be as important as the technology features.” 

Source: The Drum



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