Amazon smartphone features 3D screen with four infrared cameras

Amazon’s widely-rumoured smartphone has leaked online a full two months before it was expected to be announced by the retailer - and it will feature a 3D screen.

Cloaked in a large and ugly case designed to prevent the final design from being seen, the phone is one of two handsets the company is reported to be working on and has a 4.7-inch HD display with a 720p resolution.

Published by BGR, which claims to have seen the handset and spoken to a number of trusted sources familiar with Amazon’s smartphone plans, the report states the phone will have 2GB of RAM, a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor and it will run a heavily customised version of Google’s Android operating system - just as Amazon’s Kindle Fire tablets do.

So far so ordinary, but BRG claims the Amazon’s phone’s unique selling point will be its use of 3D software effects. The site states: “One source tells us these four cameras [in addition to the regular front and back cameras] which are situated in each of the four corners on the face of the phone, are low-powered infrared cameras.”


These extra camera are used “to track the position of the user’s face and eyes in relation to the phone’s display. This allows Amazon’s software to make constant adjustments to the positioning of on-screen elements, altering the perspective of visuals on the screen.”

BRG’s sources claim these cameras will create a 3D experience without the need for 3D glasses or a parallax barrier in front of the screen, as used by the Nintendo 3DS games console.

Given 3D will be the Amazon phone’s party piece, the company plans to use the technology throughout the custom Android interface, starting at the lock screen with a range of 3D wallpapers.

Another use of 3D will apparently be to adjust the view of the Maps app by moving the phone; a similar effect will be used in Amazon’s many digital stores, letting users see items in 3D before purchasing them.

As for 3D in non-Amazon apps, BRG adds: “One source tells us Amazon is also working to recruit big outside developers...Amazon will make a set of API’s [application programme interfaces] available to third parties and will assist them with development in other ways,”

It is believed Amazon will announce its first smartphone in the next two to three months, and BRG claims the phone will initially only be available in the US.


Source: BGR



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