Is this the iPhone 6? Larger front panel spotted in Apple factory

An image claiming to show the front panel of the iPhone 6 has surface online, giving the clearest indication yet of what a larger iPhone might look like.


Uploaded to Weibo, the Chinese equivalent of Twitter, the image is claimed to have been taken at one of Apple’s production facilities. The white front panel has cut-outs for the screen, Home button, camera, speaker and the iPhone’s usual array of sensors, and is shown next to an iPhone 5s, which is clearly smaller.


Apple is widely expected to produce a 4.7-inch iPhone 6 later this year, replacing the 4-inch iPhone 5s. This will be joined by an even larger 5.5in iPhone towards the end of the year, if the latest analyst predictions are to be believed. Some rough calculations based on the image claim the part shown does indeed measure 4.7in diagonally.


The image shows at least seven other copies of the same front case being moved by a factory worked, possibly to the next stage of testing ahead of mass production, which should start in the coming weeks if Apple is to announce its next iPhone in September or October, as is usually the case.



Meanwhile, a French website has published what it claims to be a photograph of batteries for the iPhone 6. Although the batteries closely resemble the shape of current iPhone batteries, it cannot be confirmed what product these batteries are for.


Finally, a screenshot leaked online this week claiming to show iOS 8 running on a larger iPhone. The screenshot shows the familiar iOS homescreen, but is wider than on previous iPhones and includes the as-yet unannounced Healthbook and Watch Utility apps, thought to be used alongside a wearable 'iWatch' device for tracker your health and fitness.


Source:, NoWhereElse

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