Samsung Files 'Galaxy Glass' Wearable Tech Patent

Samsung is keen to get in on the wearable tech revolution, filing a patent for a device which beams information into the wearer’s eye like Google Glass.


Referred to as “Earphone,” although that’s probably just an internal name, the device looks to sit on the wearer’s right ear and looks remarkably similar to Google Glass, with an earpiece to hear audio, a camera to record from the wearer’s view, and a project. Unlike Glass, the Samsung’s projector is hinged so it can be folded away.


Written in Korean, the patent application was recorded on 4 April and includes nine computer-generated drawings of the device. We have no idea if the gadget has been produced - even as a prototype - or what the user interface might look like, but the evidence is clear that Samsung wants to be involved in wearable technology behind its range of Gear smartwatches.


Dubbed Galaxy Glass, Samsung has previously filed a patent for a similar wearable gadget, this time looking more like a pair of sports sunglasses with a camera and projector attached to them (below).



 Source: Galaxy Club

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