Samsung Developing Gear Solo Smartwatch

Samsung is preparing a smartwatch based on the Gear 2 which can make and receive calls without being connected to a phone via Bluetooth – it will be called the Gear Solo.


The reports come from the Korean press via Patently Apple, and point to a filing by Samsung to the Korean Intellectual Property Office, revealing a request to trademark the ‘Gear Solo’ brand name. However the website reports the name is “still under scrutiny by internal Samsung executives.”


Where the original Galaxy Gear and soon-to-be-launched Gear 2 and Gear 2 Neo require a Bluetooth connection to a compatible Android smartphone to make and receive calls and text messages, the proposed Gear Solo would function as a phone independently.


Samsung’s first attempt at cracking the smartwatch market - the Galaxy Gear - was met with disappointment from the technology press and consumers alike, and while a second generation device is due on sale soon, consumers will need further convincing that a smartwatch is worth them investing in.


Apple is widely thought to be developing its own wearable gadget - dubbed the iWatch - and is said to have contacted employees of several Swiss watch manufacturers in an attempt to hire them for the iWatch project.


The Gear Solo may well become reality, but it remains to be seen if consumers want to ditch their smartphones for a watch - and talk to their wrists…


Source: Patently Apple



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