Google Attempts to Trademark 'Glass' Name For Its Upcoming Wearable

Google is trying to register “Glass” as a trademark in the United States, as development of its head-worn sci-fi gadget continues to roll on.


The search giant has already successfully trademarked “Google Glass” and wants to go one step further, but the US Patent and Trademark Office is refusing to play ball. A letter sent to Google late last year raised concern that the world “glass” was too similar to other existing or pending technology trademarks, potentially confusing consumers.


In a letter published by the Wall Street Journal, the Patent Office examiner also suggested that “Glass”, even when used in Google’s distinctive font, is “merely descriptive.” Words that describe a product rather than name it cannot be patented under US law.


Defending itself, Google wrote back two weeks ago to argue that “Glass” does not describe the product. “The frame and display components of the Glass device do not consist of glass at all. [The term ‘Glass’ does not] inform potential consumers as to the nature, function or use [of the product].”


Expected to go on sale to the general public later this year Google Glass is currently only available to developers - each coughing up $1,500 for the privilege - and beams its user interface into the user’s right eye. The device can also be used to take photos and record video, search the web and look up directions, all with voice commands.


Source: Wall Street Journal



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