Apple Eyes Siri Improvements With UK Tech Firm Acquisition

Apple has acquired British speech recognition company Novauris Technologies, with an aim of improving the iPhone’s Siri personal assistant.


The move is being reported by TechCrunch, and although not explicitly confirmed by Apple, the company issued a short statement recognising that it does indeed purchase small companies from time to time, but generally does not discuss the purpose or plans of such deals.


However, given Novauris’ track record in the speech recognition industry, it is believed Apple is looking to improve Siri, possibly even making the personal assistant work offline - currently, Siri requires an internet connect to function.


Not officially announced, the acquisition is believed to have taken place in 2013, and now employed by Apple the team is working to improve Siri. When contacted by TechCrunch, Novauris co-founder Melvyn Hunt answered the phone “Apple” and confirmed that he and his team now work for the California company, and that Novauris is no longer a company in its own right.


Novauris has a proven track record, having previously worked on projects for Panasonic, Samsung, Alpine, BMW, US mobile network Verizon Wireless and others.


Source: TechCrunch



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