Apple WWDC To Start 2 June With iOS 8 And Healthbook Expected

Apple will hold its annual Worldwide Developer Conference in San Francisco on 2 June, where it is expected to announced the updated iOS 8 mobile operating system, featuring a strong emphasis on health and exercise.


Promising to cover the “future of iOS and Mac OS X”, WWDC is typically the event where Apple shows off what the operating system of its iPhone, iPad and Mac products will look like before it launches later in the year.


This year, the company is expected to target health monitoring and personal fitness with its iOS update. An application called Healthbook was extensively leaked earlier this year, revealing a smorgasbord of data collection tools to log every aspect of your personal health. Although no hardware has yet been seen, Apple is widely thought to be developing a wearable gadget known as the iWatch, which is expected to work in partnership with Healthbook on an iPhone to track exercise and health.


The five-day event will kick off with a keynote address by company CEO Tim Cook on 2 June, followed by more than 100 technical lectures and workshops to teach developers all about the latest software; 1,000 Apple staff will also be onhand to help.


Apple rarely makes major hardware announcements at WWDC, but given that a prototype of the new Mac Pro was shown off at last year’s event, we may well get an early peek at some upcoming products - chiefly the iWatch and the also widely-rumoured iPad Pro, a larger tablet aimed at professional users.


The California company will likely keep its lips sealed until Cook takes the stage on 2 June, but before then expect to see a slew of leaks, rumours and speculation - especially surrounding the iWatch. As ever, Mobile Choice will bring all the news as it happens.



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