Twitter tests new iOS design

Twitter has tweaked its web app recently, with the iOS app also looking to be on the receiving end of something similar.

The iOS design doesn't seem to be a general rollout, more of a test with a select group of users. If you happen to be one of them, you'll find a shift of your cover photo to the left hand side to make more room for your biography. There are also two new timeline options on your profile page - titled photos and favourites, the former being all your uploaded photos and the latter everything you have starred whilst browsing.

It is not a huge change, but it looks like Twitter is definitely tinkering with its apps, something users tend to be less than comfortable with. You have been warned.

Talking of change, the profile update follows a change in the way photos are dealt with on mobile devices. We're now in the world of tagging.

You can now tag up to 10 people in a photo via the iOS or Android apps and as you would expect, if you get tagged, you get notified about that. That's not all though. You can now share up to four photos in a single Tweet, creating something of a collage effect.

It's a nice and indeed a practical idea and one that should be with you right now if you update your iOS app. An Android update is to follow soon.

Source: The Next Web

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