Twitter Music to close

When was the last time you used Twitter Music? That's probably the reason why the app has been given the chop.

Twitter Music launched back in early 2013. It essentially gave you music recommendations based on what your friends were listening to. The flaw of course is that your friends possibly have awful music taste. But it wasn't the only issue. Firstly, there's an awful lot of competition in the music sector and secondly, if Twitter Music didn't grab you initially, chances are you'll probably never go back. In the end, that was probably the final nail in the coffin.

Apparently Twitter killed off the service last autumn, but no one really noticed and Twitter didn't confirm initially. Now it has. The company has stated that the app will leave the App Store on 21 March, with the people who have stuck by it having access to the service until 18 April. That's when everyone will officially wave goodbye.

However, that may not be the end of the line. A further Tweet from the Twitter Music account stated: 'We continue to experiment with new ways to bring you great content based on the music activity we see every day on Twitter.'

So another product might emerge from the ashes or some kind of music feature might appear in the Twitter app itself. Time will tell on this one, although we can't see Twitter being in much of a rush to do so.

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