EE Suffers Nationwide Network Outage

A nationwide outage from mobile network EE has rolled into a second day, as customers flock to Twitter to vent their anger at having no phone signal - despite the company saying its services have been restored.


The network - which was claimed to offer the best service across the entire country by RootMetrics last week - blamed “gremlins in the system” for the problems, which prevented millions of customers from calling, texting and accessing the mobile internet.


In response to one customer, EE’s Twitter account said: “Hi, a gremlin is swinging from the mast we will shoot it and everything will be back to normal soon.  Take care.”


At 9am on 20 March, more than 12 hours after the problems began, the network tweeted to say “full network service has now been restored”. But many users disagreed, tweeting to say the network was still unavailable at the time of publication.


EE suggests users restart their devices to reconnect to the network, but for some this did not fix the problem.


On 13 March, results from a nationwide survey carried out by RootMetrics claimed EE to be Britain’s best network for for performance and reliability. However, the findings were slammed by last-place Vodafone, which claimed the data “cannot be taken seriously.”



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