Three brings an end to unlimited tethering

A good news / bad news story really. But if you are a fan of unlimited tethering on the Three network, this is pretty much the latter.

Three is tweaking its monthly plans, with unlimited tethering no longer an option for new customers. If you are still in contract (and on The One Plan) you'll still have it. But once you get to renewal, that option will go away. Which might make you think twice about said renewal.

On the plus side, tethering is being offered on all new unlimited data deals, but there is a cap of 2GB, which is probably a little less than what you are used to using. Not something to worry about until you renew, but if that date is looming, you have been warned.

Other changes worth noting are free calls to 0800, 0808 and 0500 numbers on the Three network with new two-year contracts, with 084 and 087 numbers dropping to 5p per minute. Also, Three is throwing in unlimited text messages on new deals too, as well as free device unlocking.

If you like the sound of the latter, you can change your contract now without affecting your renewal date. It all depends on your love or need of tethering really. Regardless of that, the end is nigh at some point - and definitely within the next two years for everyone.

Source: TechRadar

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