Google changes Play Store to limit accidental purchases

It seems like the big body are starting to get wise to the fact that accidental in-app purchases aren't good for business. In fact, Google has begun rolling out new controls on the Play Store restricting the chances of such a thing happening at all.

It comes after a recent high profile lawsuit and an inquiry by the European Commission, the former concerning Google's 30-minute window, when a password wasn't required. That led to a $65.95 purchase of in-game currency in the game Marvel Run Jump Smash! by a child and in turn, resulted in a class action in the US.

Google has been aware of the issue for some time and did point to future restrictions back in January. In practice, that now means a new version of the Play Store with an option to require a password each and every time in-app purchases are made. You can stick to the 30-minute window, but it is your choice and as such, your responsibility.

Along with the password change, Google has also added an indicator pointing to apps and games that have in-app purchases at the point of install, on top of the mention on individual app pages. You get the feeling Google really is conscious of this one.

So it should be. With both Google and Apple feeling the wrath of customers in the courts, it seems like the sensible option.

Source: The Verge

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