EE offers 4G roaming abroad

EE, in good time for this summer's holidays, has announced 4G roaming for its customers in France and Spain.

It isn't cheap though. Or at least, it isn't cheap if you do any kind of substantial downloading. According to EE, £3 gets you 100MB of data. So don't sit around in the hotel room or on the balcony watching last night's TV or a film over 4G, as that bill will soon rack up.

But it might be good for accessing important updates and email or checking out some online maps quickly while you are sunning yourself this year. You can always stick to 3G too, with some companies (like Three and Vodafone for example) offering cheap deals to take your home data allowance with you abroad. But EE is offering the speed if you need it. If you have a 4GEE Extra plan, you will also get unlimited calls and texts to select countries when overseas too, which is a nice bonus.

The move looks to be only the start for EE, which promises to offer 4G roaming 'across all major travel destinations during 2014'. The USA, Italy, Germany, Switzerland and the Netherlands should all be up to speed (sorry) once summer arrives.

We would also expect the competition to be offering something to rival it by that time too. With that in mind, you might want to sit tight for a little while. Unless you are going away in the next couple of weeks, obviously.

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