First screenshots of iOS 8 break cover

We have only just seen the launch of iOS 7.1, but the next step up from Apple, namely iOS 8, might not be far away.

In fact, it might already be complete in some form or other. That's what the screenshot above suggests anyway, one of two posted on the Chinese Weibo site and verified with 'several sources' as legitimate by the 9 to 5 Mac site.

On the face of it, not a dramatic change, but look at the specific icons pictured. Not ones you currently see on iOS 7. First up, note both Preview and TextEdit, both staples of Apple's Mac operating system. Both are being optimised for the iPhone and iPad and able to work with documents and images in the cloud. Both should bring desktop and mobile Apple devices just a little closer together.

Healthbook is another interesting icon. As we have mentioned in the past, Apple plans to have an iWatch on the market this year, with Healthbook being the software that monitors the fitness data picked up by the iWatch and its sensors - blood pressure, heart rate, glucose level, hydration level and so on.

It was rumoured that the iWatch will be shown off alongside iOS 8 this year, something this screengrab pretty much guarantees. We would expect both to be showcased over the summer, with availability as summer is ending, if Apple keeps to its usual schedule. So quite a while off yet, but something to look forward to, especially if you are an Apple-loving gym addict.

Source: 9 to 5 Mac

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