Google working on battery issue for Android KitKat smartphones

You might recall that a couple of days back, HTC suspended the rollout of Android KitKat due to user difficulties, which we presumed were down to reported battery drain problems. Well, that issue doesn't seem to be limited to just HTC.

Google has confirmed that there is a bug in Android 4.4.2, specifically relating to the camera app. Basically, if you open the camera app intentionally (or even accidentally with a third party app like Skype), the device's CPU goes to full power and in turn, causing high battery drain. Far more than it should, that's for sure.

Google has confirmed the problem, although it is only confirming that the bug is a problem on the Nexus 5 right now. Other device owners are being told to report the issue to their respective phone maker. That's the problem with multiple manufacturers I guess, although it is largely down to potential problems with custom Android software.

Anyway, Google is working on a fix, presumably Android 4.4.3 and with a bit of luck, that should solve any issues across the board. We don't know when, but it sounds high priority, so should be soon for Nexus owners and a bit later for other devices, once the checking process is done and dusted.

Source: Phandroid

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