Samsung offers $500 of premium services with Galaxy S5

We know this is quite a US-centric story on the face of it, but we suspect an amended version of Galaxy Gifts will be offered with UK versions of the Samsung Galaxy S5 too.

According to Samsung in the US, the Galaxy S5 will be 'even more enjoyable and productive' with a range of products said to add up to $500 in value. That's if you take advantage of all of them. Of course, most are free trials to tempt you into signing up for the long haul, but free is free, so who's complaining?

The health subscriptions we would expect to make it to the UK. Those include RunKeeper personal trainer, the Lark personal wellness assistant (both offered with a year of free premium use). Skimble workout trainer (6 months) and Map My Fitness (also 6 months).

Of course, PayPal is key to the new S5, so special offers up to $50 in value are offered if you use the mobile payments service, presumably with your all-new fingerprint sensor. There's also 3 months of premium LinkedIn, along with freebies for EasilyDo Pro, Blurb, Cut The Rope 2, Flick Dat, Box, Bitcasa and Evernote.

The media is where we might go a different way. A 6-month subscription of the Wall Street Journal might be swapped for the UK, possibly the 12 months of Bloomberg Businessweek +. Time will tell.

Either way, it looks like someone has put together a decent value package. Let's hope downloading them all is optional rather than adding extra load to your valuable storage space.

Source: Engadget

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    arvind kerjiwal 4th Mar 2014

    sounds great!

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