Amazon planning its own music streaming service

If you thought Spotify had this music streaming market sewn up, think again. Amazon could soon be breathing down its neck.

If reports are to be believed, Amazon is currently in talks to start up its own music streaming service, with Amazon Prime being the focal point of it. According to Recode, a 'Spotify-like' resource will eventually be bundled with Amazon Prime, as the company attempts to push its premium service into more hands.

Amazon Prime recently underwent a makeover in the UK, with a price hike, but now including Amazon Video streaming, the service formerly known as Lovefilm Instant. The next (and perhaps logical) step is to make the package even more tempting with free music. The bonus for Amazon is that Prime members buy more from Amazon, so if you can get more people signed up to Prime, you sell more product too.

There has also been a rumour of an Amazon smartphone as a Prime-only device too, which would sit well with a music streaming service too. We heard that was early 2014, but so far, things have been pretty quiet on that front.

The music deal is far from done and dusted though. That same report claims Amazon is struggling to finalise the deal because it wants ' substantial discount' on the pricing labels give to other services. Hence why talks have now been dragging on for months.

No comment from Amazon, as you would expect really. But it sounds like this is a key part of pushing Prime and as such, a deal will almost certainly be done this year. Now, what about this smartphone then Amazon?

Source: Recode

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