Doro launches TabEasy tablet for seniors

Close on the heels of releasing their easy-to-use smartphone, Doro have just launched a 10-inch tablet calling it the Doro TabEasy.

Aimed at the senior end of the consumer spectrum, the tablet is encased in an enhanced grip sleeve to protect against bumps and falls. The exact specs of the tablet have not been announced but the images of the tablet show easy web browsing options in typically large fonts, bigger buttons on the touchscreen as well as access to usual digital content to users like YouTube.

The Doro EasyPC laptops, also launched on the same day, will be available in three sizes - 15-inch screen, a 17-inch screen and with a 15-inch touchscreen. The biggest selling point of the laptops will be the newly introduced simplified keyboard overlay.

Caroline Noublanche, Vice President Marketing and Portfolio at Doro, said: 'This is the next chapter in our connected story. The industry is inundated with new technologies, which can sometimes make the senior group feel left behind. We are different because we provide an easier pace and take seniors on a journey through technology. We are actively fuelling the digital appetite of many thousands of seniors around the world by giving them products they can use and enjoy in every moment of life - at home and on the go.'

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  1. Guest
    Guest12th Feb 2016

    Same question as m/'s Reynolds. Please answer. L. Russell.

  2. Guest
    Guest12th Feb 2016

    love the doro 820 phone. easy to use .superb in "in use" quality. when is 10inch tablet to be released and from whom does one purchase it?...also pri...

  3. Guest
    Guest3rd Jan 2016

    Dear Doro, again i cannot find a supplier! Is this tablet available or not please? Yours Sincerely, Angela Reynolds

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