Google unveils Project Tango for smartphones

Hard to really describe Project Tango by Google in just words. I suspect we'll need to get hands on the finished product before we get a clear understanding of what it will offer.

But to give it a go: Google has just given the world its first glimpse of both the hardware and the concept of Project Tango. The smartphone is a 5-inch Android device with two computer vision processors, integrated depth sensing and a motion tracking camera, as well as a 4-megapixel camera. Got that? Good.

All of that is being passed onto developers right now, so they can create apps and programs that would benefit from motion sensing and being able to map your surroundings. Google claims the phone can 'give mobile devices a human-like understanding of space and motion', which is likely to have many uses. Very varied uses.

For a serious use, it could aid partially sighted people in getting around for example, the phone having details of any potential obstructions. For less serious purposes, it could be a useful tool for immersive mobile gaming or for finding if that sofa fits in a room (the phone could have all the details of space available in your living room).

Of course, it could also be useful for Google too. If everyone goes out and maps the world in 3D, that would make a stunning version of Google Maps, as Google created its very own virtual version of the planet.

The project is currently being run by Google's Advanced Technology and Projects (ATAP) but we wouldn't be surprised if it moved from being a niche project to something that we can all get hands-on with in the next 12 months or so. Especially with a developer rollout happening right now.

In the meantime, check out this video of it in action.

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