Microsoft Office for iPad could launch sooner than expected

We have been talking about this potential launch for years. In fact, we even saw an alleged hands-on of Microsoft Office for iPad (pictured above) as far back as 2012. Last year Microsoft made more noises about a possible appearance but still nothing. This year? We think we might have lift off.

ZDNet claims Office for iPad, currently codenamed Miramar, is likely to hit the shelves fairly soon - and ahead of Microsoft's first touch version of Office (codenamed Gemini).

Departed Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer apparently agreed (before he left) to swap the launch dates around, basically because the iPad was ready to go. The new date for Office for iPad is said to be the 'first half of calendar 2014'. So before summer is out, if you like.

It might not be as simple as buying the app though. Microsoft is likely to require an Office 365 subscription and the need to save files to Microsoft's OneDrive (formerly SkyDrive) by default, although there will be an option to save locally too.

No confirmation from Microsoft as you might have guessed, but it all sounds like the long wait could soon be over for Office for iPad.

Source: ZDNet

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