Alleged first images of iPhone 6 appear online

Of course, they could be fake or they could prototypes. But the look of the iPhone 6 that has leaked on Twitter certainly matches the reports we have heard about Apple's next smartphone.

The images first came to light via Sonny Dickson on Twitter, someone worth a decent track record, having leaked images of the iPad Air and iPad mini 2  ahead of launch in the past. Saying that, he seems to have acquired them via an anonymous Twitter account, so we're not entirely convinced.

However, real or not, it does offer up a hint of just what the new iPhone will look like, complete with a larger screen than the current four inches. Hard to say just how big the screen in the leaked shot is though. There's also a lack of bezel on the side, again previously flagged up by other source, with a narrower bezel on the top and bottom too. A slimmer phone as well, although again, hard to do a real comparison with the current models from the shots available.

If the parts are around and real, it might also hint at the alleged early launch of a new Apple smartphone, possibly as early as June.

Of course, if all of this is fake, it probably tells us next to nothing. We're hoping that's not the case though.

Source: The Verge

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