Nokia's first Android phone to launch at MWC

We have talked a lot about the upcoming Nokia Android phone, but we've been a little unsure about just when it will appear. The Wall Street Journal seems to know, claiming that the MWC event at the end of this month will see its debut.

That's no surprise. We have had it confirmed that Nokia will be hosting a showcase event, but we didn't know the exact details of what we might see. But the Nokia Normandy or X (either name is possible) was perhaps the most expected smartphone launch.

According to the WSJ and 'people familiar with the matter', the phone has been in development for some time, with the idea of launching it in emerging markets. But this isn't going to be your typical Android phone.

That same report claims the Nokia Android phone will not promote the Google Play store or Google-developed features. Instead, the custom Android interface will come with a suite of services created by Nokia and Microsoft, including Here Maps and Mix Radio. There will also be a Nokia app store with Android apps, although it's unclear if that will offer all or a selection of Android apps.

Microsoft is perhaps wary of going down the Android route with its own operating system in competition with it. However, Windows Phone isn't good with low end phones, so perhaps a modified Android is a compromise to shift some units.

Be interesting to see just what Nokia actually does with Android and whether it is willing to launch it in the UK. The answers should come in just over two weeks.

Source: Wall Street Journal

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