BBM for iOS and Android gets Find Friends update

There is talk of an all-new app for 2014, but in the meantime, BlackBerry has thrown in one of the most requested features for its iOS and Android BBM apps.

That feature is Find Friends, which detects which contracts in your smartphone are already using BBM, something that isn't likely to be flagged up in your existing address book. When you've got that list, choose a contact to send a PIN invite to.

There is also the option to send an invite to people who haven't got BBM as well, although they will obviously have to get the app first. That app is free though, so it's not exactly asking a lot of your friends and acquaintances.

BBM commented that 'the Find Friends feature is something that BBM users have been asking for and we’re now bringing it to them,' but didn't mention the all-new app, which was flagged up before Christmas. However, that 2.0 update is said to be coming 'soon' and with it, the likes of BBM channels, free voice calls to BBM contacts, faster sharing of media and lots ore emoticons. Well, you can never have enough.

It has been in beta testing for a few months now, so a launch is likely to be around the corner. In the meantime, update now for the Find Friends feature.

Source: Pocket Lint

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