Facebook decides against UK launch for Paper app

We thought Facebook would try and dominate the new reading market with its Paper app. However, it seems that its aspirations aren't quite so high.

The app, which we previewed last week, was launched on iTunes in the US yesterday. But there is no sign of it on the UK iTunes store. In fact, there is no sign of it for the iPad either or indeed, for the rival Android platform.

Facebook is using the app as a testing ground for new design and functionality. With that in mind, it isn't in a rush to take this mass market: 'We're a small team and are excited to see how people use this and what their feedback is', it said, adding that it will look at initial feedback before it makes a decision on expanding.

That doesn't sound like it will be moving fast on this. In addition, the team designing and building the app only numbers 15 people in total, so rebuilding from the ground up for new platforms or devices might take some time.

None of that should affect a non-US launch, but were suspect that's probably down to the third-party content on the phone. Different deals for different countries. Again, likely to be a time consuming task.

Shame really as the app really does look like an impressive news reader for Facebook addicts, mixing full screen news from curated sources with updates from your Facebook news feed. It also has intuitive scrolling and is a great showcase for images too.

The people behind Paper, known as Facebook Creative Labs, are promising other new apps soon, which may or may not make it to these shores. As for Paper, we'll just have to wait until Facebook crunches the numbers before a decision is made.

Source: Pocket Lint

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