Red Google Nexus 5 smartphone leaks

We mentioned recently that there was a chance that the Google Nexus 5 could be relaunched in a new range of colours. Since then, the rumour mill has focused on one colour in particular. That colour being red.

That's because a red Nexus 5 has popped up here, there and everywhere. Ok, not quite that often, but a few photos of it have appeared online, indicating it isn't far away.

The latest photo leak comes via serial leak merchants @evleaks on Twitter, the third such leak in a week. This one shows a bold red casing for the phone, but offers very little in terms of detail. That's left for elsewhere.

According to a leaked document from the US Sprint network, the red Nexus 5 will be launching on the Google Play store on 4 February. That's right, hitting the market as soon as tomorrow.

Of course, it could be a false trail and it could be a US-only launch. But if it is genuine, there's no reason why a red version of the highly-rated smartphone couldn't be offered to UK customers too. If it is, the price is likely to be the same £299. After all, it's just a colour change.

As soon as we get the official word, we'll let you know.

Source: Android Central and @evleaks

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