Nokia Normandy appears on retailer's site

For a short while, the Nokia Normandy (aka Nokia X) appeared online via a Vietnamese tech retailer. Sadly, the page has now gone, but the details were recorded for all to see.

The Gioididong is the name of the shop, but don't go there looking for it. The page is now a '404 error' after it was hastily removed. However, during its short life, the page did inform us that the phone boasts a 4-inch screen and a dual-core 1GHz processor, along with a  5-megapixel camera and dual-SIM capability. Most interesting of all is that the phone is said to be launching with Android KitKat.

That's interesting because previous leaks have shown an interface looking very much like Windows, apparently running a 'forked' version of Android that is bundled with Nokia services too. It could be a version of KitKat with a tweaked interface, but if it is, Nokia has turned it around pretty quickly.

A launch of this, like pretty much every other rumoured phone on the planet, is down for the MWC event. it certainly isn't going to be the most cutting edge phone on display, but the Nokia Normandy or X might be one of the most talked about.

Source: Crave

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