Leaked video hints at colours for Google Nexus 5

If there's a problem with the Google Nexus 5, it's perhaps the lack of colour options beyond black and white. Seems like Google feels the same way too.

The Phone Arena site has been sent a video, which is said to show a revamped Google Play Store page for the Google Nexus 5. That page shows eight new colour options for the stock Android phone.

More details aren't offered from the person who sent the video in, it just shows someone clicking on the colour options, with the phone changing colour as he goes. Those colours, by the way, are black, white, red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple.

Why would Google make this move? Obvious really (if the video is genuine), it's all about extending the life of the phone. Plenty of new phones hitting the market, which should turn into an avalanche by the time MWC is over next month. If Google wants to keep selling the Google Nexus 5, it perhaps needs to offer another selling point - and new colours always sell phones.

There's no hint of when the colours will drop, but you suspect it's pretty soon.

Source: Phone Arena

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