Apple working fix for iOS 7 'screen of death' bug

If you have an iPhone running iOS 7, you might have noticed the occasional glitch in the operating system, generally described as the white or black 'screen of death'. If you have suffered, Apple hears you and is working on a fix.

The bug is an occasional, but very annoying one. Essentially, it is a 'soft' reboot of the smartphone, particularly frustrating if you happen to be in the middle of something important. The colour is dependent on the colour of your iPhone's 'face' and the fault has been linked to low battery. But that's far from certain.

Apple doesn't always acknowledge any flaws in its OS, but on this occasion it has. Speaking to the Mashable site, Apple spokesperson Trudy Muller confirmed: 'We have a fix in an upcoming software update for a bug that can occasionally cause a home screen crash.'

The update is expected to be part of iOS 7.1, although right now, we're not sure just when that will roll out. Nothing has been confirmed officially by Apple, although March has been hinted at via the rumour mill.

Details of that update are pretty scarce too, although no one is expecting anything too drastic. Minor UI and design changes are perhaps all we can expect, with the possibility of iOS in the Car functionality finally landing.

Source: Mashable

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