KitKat update for Samsung Galaxy S3 and Note 2 incoming

HTC doesn't seen keen on updating older phones with the Android KitKat operating system, but thankfully for Galaxy S3 and Note 2 owners, Samsung likes the idea a little more.

In fact, it seems that Samsung is already well on its way to finalising the latest version of Android for two of its 2012 flagship phones. According to an insider who happens to be a software engineer with the company, the update should be in the public domain by the end of March.

Speaking to the Android Geeks site, he said the Android 4.4.2 update will land 'in late Q1 2014, soon after the Galaxy S4 Android 4.4 roll out.' However, he did add that it's all about the OS upgrade, with interface changes said to be 'minor' and no new software updates added to the mix. But on the flipside, you'll experience the likes of the transparent status bar, new printing feature in settings, and the new full-screen immerse mode. So well worth the update.

The rollout will be phased across different territories (no surprise there) and your network might have a say if you are on a contract. But essentially, this is a good PR move from Samsung, just as that HTC statement was a bad one.

If you are shopping around for a future-proof phone, it looks like Samsung is the way to go. Two years down the line and still on a par with the latest phones? That's what we like to see - and in terms of functionality and security, I'm guessing it is what Google would like to see too.

Source: Android Geeks

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