Google Nexus 8 planned for the middle of 2014

The DigiTimes publication can be a little hit and miss at times, but there sounds like a good amount of truth in its recent piece on the Google Nexus 8.

That's right, the Nexus 7 could be (almost) ancient history in a few months, with the report claiming demand for that tablet has been 'impacted' by low-price competition, forcing Google into action. We're thinking the likes of the Tesco Hudl here, which had amazing sales over the festive season thanks to a price around £80 lower than Google's slate.

Google obviously thinks the entry level market os a tough one, so is instead looking at a more premium 8-inch slate, perhaps dropping the price of the Nexus 7 too in order to keep itself near the top of that market too.

Details of the Nexus 8 pretty scarce, aside from the size and arrival date, said to be the middle of 2014. But one nugget of information gleaned from the story is the likely use of a 64-bit quad-core Intel Bay Trail-T processor, although Qualcomm is apparently still pushing for the business.

Asus is said to be the partner (as it is for the Nexus 7) and more details are 'expected to be revealed' after February. Presumably once the glut of new smartphones and tablets have been revealed at MWC.

Source: Digitimes

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