Tipster reveals Samsung Galaxy S5 specification

Another week, another Samsung Galaxy S5 rumour. But this particular one pretty much nails down the specification of Samsung's next flagship smartphone if true.

The source, speaking to the Phone Arena site, claims the Galaxy S5 will come equipped with a 2K QHD display, a 2900 mAh battery (slightly down on some of the rumours) and a 20-megapixel rear camera (up from the rumoured 16-megapixel snapper) which might come with OIS functionality and 4K video recording, along with the option to take stills whilst shooting video.

The tipster also claims that the phone will have a 'state of the art iris sensor and wide range of health accessories', the former being rumoured, the latter sounding more than a little creepy. Finally, he or she claims that the phone will retain a plastic construction.

That last point isn't what we wanted to hear, but with previous rumours pointing to metal and plastic options, the tip off might just be relating to the plastic model. That's what we're hoping anyway.

The iris recognition technology is something long rumoured, but is far from certain. Indeed, a rival report out of Korea hints at Samsung using a fingerprint sensor rather than iris recognition, with a sensor for your fingerprint under the display panel, catching your print just as you 'swipe' the phone to unlock.

So at least one point not clear, but a pattern certainly emerging. There's an outside chance of a MWC launch, but a slightly later March launch is more likely.

Sources: Phone Arena and Korea Herald

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