Chrome for Mobile adds data compression

Google knows that data is a precious commodity. When you are out and about, you are using plenty of it, which is either eating into your paltry allowance or costing you cash as you go. With that in mind, an updated Chrome for Mobile has arrived to trim the costs.

At the heart of this latest update for iOS and Android is a data compression and bandwidth management tool, which Google claims can reduce data usage by 50 per cent if you browse the web with the app. It also throws in Chrome's Safe browsing technology too as a bonus.

All you have to do is visit Settings, then Bandwidth management, then Reduce data usage. Job done. From that same menu, you'll be able to track how much bandwidth you are getting through each month. Something we can imagine being quite addictive for the average penny pincher.

That's not the only feature added. If you happen to be an Apple user, the iOS version of Chrome will soon be updated with Google Translate. So if you happen to be at a foreign language page on your iPhone or iPad, just click a button and the translated text will appear. It's something already on the desktop and Android versions, so nice for Google to offer it on iOS too.

Finally, Android users aren't missing out. They will receive an option to create shortcuts for favourite websites from the homescreen for faster access. So if you need your Mobile Choice fix each morning without delay, just select 'Add to homescreen' and Google will do the rest.

As we said, the updates are rolling out over the next few days, so keep an eye on the update section for the new versions or go get the apps now.

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