HTC confirms KitKat update for HTC One

Good news and bad news time, with that news really dependent on the phone you own.

If you own a HTC One, it is good news about the Android KitKat update. Taking to its Twitter account, HTC announced: 'We are working with local carriers to begin the roll-out of Android 4.4 for the HTC One from the end of January.' S not long to wait for that. In fact, just a couple of weeks.

However, HTC added that the One X and One X+ will not be feeling the love when it comes to updates, both of which will be staying with Jelly Bean. It's an interesting one, not least because KitKat was supposed to be designed to bring more phones under the same umbrella, no matter what the hardware (within limits).

We can perhaps forgive HTC with the One X, which is a couple of years old and perhaps doesn't quite make the cut. But the HTC One X+ is still a fairly recent phone. If you signed up to a two-year contract when it came out, you'll probably still be working that deal. So being refused an update is perhaps more than a little frustrating. Especially as it is a more efficient form of Android and as such, should improve how things run overall.

All academic though. The updates are not coming. Perhaps something to consider when you do get offered an upgrade.

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