Beats Music gets a 21 January launch date

We heard a whisper about this as far back as February 2012. But it has taken nearly two years for Beats Music to become reality.

At the time (due to its close working relationship), it was said to be an in-house music service for HTC. But Beats Music will actually be a more general music streaming service, aiming to take a chunk of Spotify's revenues on the face of it.

The service launches on 21 January. At least, it does in the US. We're still waiting on a UK launch. There's no word on it definitely not launching here, but we would second guess licensing agreements are in the place just for the US initially, with a rollout for us Brits likely to follow down the line.

When it does land, it will be offered as both iOS and Android apps (plus a desktop variation). You simply choose your favourite genres ('like' or 'love'), then you choose artists in the same way. A custom playlist is then created for you. It is said to sit somewhere between Spotify and streaming services likes Pandora, with playlists changing based on your listening habits. A more cultured way of streaming music, with the sound of things.

A future feature will offer playlists based on mood, so different for the gym, a walk and so on. But right now, there is a feature called 'Just for You', with music based on your location, activity and genre choice, allowing the app to build a playlist. Interesting, but also just a little spooky.

At launch, the service is said to offer up 20 million tracks, with $10 a month being the US price. So we can presume £10 will be the price for the UK service. When we hear a date for that, we'll let you know.

Source: Engadget

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