Spotify free streaming rolls out for iOS devices

Previously, the Spotify app for iOS was only much use if you had a premium subscription. But as we reported in December, Spotify has changed that.

In fact, the new 'free' version of Spotify mobile is available now. Of course, it doesn't give you all the features of a £9.99 subscription. But it does give you a taster of what the service is about on your Apple phone or tablet.

Get the latest version of the app, choose your favourite artist and a playlist will be populated with their 'shuffled' back catalogue. You can play tracks, you can skip any you don't like, but you can't go directly to a particular track. Basically it is the kind of service pioneered by Pandora some years back - and now being taken up by numerous providers, due to new deals in place with the big labels.

Ads will also be in there to pay the bills (or royalties), just like the free desktop version. If you don't like that, you can always upgrade. After all, £9.99 to listen to anything anytime isn't such a bad deal if you spend a lot of time out and about.

But in the meantime, give it a go for free.

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