Apple snaps up SnappyLabs

It looks like we have an insight into one of the next iPhone's new features after Apple snapped up the SnappyLabs brand.

That particular company (the business name for John Papandriopoulos) has just been picked up by Apple, presumably because of the functionality offer in its SnappyCam iOS app. Don't go hunting for it if you don't already have it. Looks like Apple has made sure the app has been withdrawn.

If you did miss it, let us explain what Apple loved so much. On the iPhone 5s, you can capture imagery ay 10 frames per second. But with the SnappyCam app, you can take full-resolution shots at 30fps, scaling them up to 60fps.

That's the kind of 'burst' photography you would expect to find in a decent standalone camera, not on a phone. But you can imagine this being a big selling point for both Apple's iPhone and iPad, should it become part of Apple's camera functionality.

We think it will, but Apple isn't saying anything officially. An Apple spokesperson said: 'Apple buys smaller technology companies from time to time, and we generally do not discuss our purpose or plans.'

The next iPhone is due late summer 2014, with rumours of two models, both said to be larger than the current iPhone 5s and allegedly with glass displays that 'curve' at the edges. It sounds like a serious step up. it also sounds like the camera functionality will take quite a step up too.

Source: Recode

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