Samsung to showcase Tizen devices at MWC

There have been rumours of a version of the Samsung Galaxy S 5 running Samsung's own Tizen operating system. So it's perhaps no surprise to see Samsung confirm Tizen will be debuting at the MWC event in February 2014. That's right, when the Galaxy S 5 is also rumoured to launch.

That's purely speculation, but the Tizen launch certainly isn't. The invites are out for a press showcase of Samsung's in-house OS on 23 February, which may or may not include phones. No one is quite sure just yet, but we're hopeful of seeing some mobile hardware. After all, it is launching at a mobile event and Samsung will see Tizen as a means of being less dependent on the Android operating system.

We got a glimpse of it running on the Galaxy S 4 a few months back, but we haven't seen a lot of the OS in its current state this year. However, as you can see above, some screenshots have sneaked out recently and although we'll not know for sure until we get a proper hands-on, it does look to be going in the right direction. Looking good is certainly half the job and it passes that test with flying colours.

More on this in a couple of months and who knows? Maybe details of the first phone launches too.

Sources: Crave and SamMobile

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