BBM apps to offer free worldwide calls in 2014

The October launch for Android and iOS devices was a big success, but it seems BlackBerry isn't sitting back when it comes to pushing BBM.

The company has taken to its own blog to confirm just what's happening with BBM in the coming year, claiming it is working in new ways to 'make it faster and easier to share your BBM contacts'. But the big news here seems to be BBM Voice for iPhone and Android.

BlackBerry plans to offer free voice calls to any BBM contact anywhere in the world. So if you can hop onto a Wi-Fi connection at that luxury hotel this summer, you can chat away with your mates telling them just how amazing it is. Yes, other apps do something similar, but this is still a big selling point for BBM.

It has also confirmed BBM Channels for iPhone and Android, effectively discussions based around a group of like-minded people or an interest, which might also boost your contact list too. Faster sharing of media (photos, voice notes etc) will also be in the updated app, including your location to friends for a limited time (after which, it will go back to being private). Oh yes, lots of new emoticons too, around 100 says BlackBerry. So if your life has been lacking the emoticon for ROTFL, Epic Fail or Face Palm, you're in luck.

Beta testing taking place now, a launch for the new apps should be in the next couple of months.

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