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PLATFORM: Android, Web

DEVELOPER: Niantic Labs


Still in its early stages, this is an experimental augmented reality game that makes use of geo-location, real world landmarks and your Android device to deliver an interactive sci-fi story. Rifts are opening around the world, spilling a strange energy into our reality. You, and others taking part in the adventure around the planet, must uncover the conspiracy online and in person. Whether it'll finally crack augmented reality gaming remains to be seen, but it's a fascinating project.


Hatchi – A Retro Virtual Pet          

PLATFORM: iOS, Android

DEVELOPER: Portable Pixels Limited

PRICE: £0.69

Funny how trends come around again. Right now there seems to be a cyber pet resurgence going on, so sifting through them to find one that fits the genre but adds new value is tricky. Hatchi manages impressively well, however, by adopting an LCD retro aesthetic but throwing lots of customisation options your way. Great mini-games and a world of pets waiting to be born make this the hottest new Tamagotchi alternative.


KungFu Quest – The Jade Tower

PLATFORM: iOS, Android


PRICE: Free, with IAP unlock

Kung Fu Master was one of the first ever fighting games, recreated in Irem's excellent Vigilante, and now again in KungFu Quest. This side-scrolling, quick-hitting brawler also borrows from Bruce Lee's Game of Death for its tower-climbing premise, and for its main character's appearance and style. All this adds up into a fast and fun beat-'em-up that, while it's appeal might not last forever, offers immediate kung fu fighting gratification.



PLATFORM: iOS, Android

DEVELOPER: Engine House

PRICE: £1.49

Brought to us by a developer that specialises in CGI animation, it's no wonder Stomper looks so good. And with a new RoboCop around the corner, playing in an ED-209 lookalike is a very appealing prospect. Your job is simple: destroy everything that comes at your two-legged mech war machine using machine guns and missiles for as long as possible. The destruction is almost as sublime as the visuals, and while the rounds are short, they're massively enjoyable.


2013: Infected Wars


DEVELOPER: Action Mobile Games

PRICE: £4.99

A fully 3D third-person zombie shooter is impressive enough on the mobile screen, but throw in four-player co-op multiplayer and a big bag of undead-slaying weapons, and it becomes even more mind-blowing. Which is ironic, given that blowing minds is pretty much what this game asks you to do. A huge variety of savage enemies are on hand for you to tear apart with bullets and brawn, and the sprawling, free-roaming environments should keep you happy until Halloween next year.

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