Amazon Kindle Fire HDX gets a pre-Christmas markdown

We gave its slightly bigger brother a four-star review, so it's a pretty decent bit of kit. The Amazon Kindle Fire HDX is also a cheaper bit of kit too right now and into January.

Amazon has just knocked £30 off the entry level model of its latest 7-inch tablet, selling it for £169, down from the previous £199 asking price. That deal is on now and lasts until 2 January. So no rush, unless you know someone who wants it for Christmas. Or you want to treat yourself over the festive season.

As we mentioned in our HDX review, the tablet has a lot of plus points, not least the fast Amazon and Lovefilm access, an HD screen and the much-hyped Mayday feature. But it isn't for everyone.

Amazon is probably happy to sell this tablet cheaper because it wants your business. Once in, the tablet is something of a closed shop, with your digital spending all going via Amazon. You shop media with Amazon, you use Amazon's version of Play and you video stream via the Amazon-owned Lovefilm. It sells cheaper, but it makes it back on the after-sales.

But sales in the past have shown that a lot of people are happy with that and the tablet is well-priced and positively reviewed. If you are too, go get yourself one. Alternatively, something like the Nexus 7 is £199 and operates without boundaries.

Source: Crave

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