Amazon smartphone could launch in early 2014

How long have we been talking about the Amazon smartphone? Too long, that's for sure. In fact, it was back in 2011 when we first heard a rumour of one.  So will 2014 be the year of Amazon's handset? Sounds like it will be - and in the early part of the year too.

That's according to the latest leak, courtesy of the Digitimes publication. Ok, it's a  bit hit and miss with its stories, but this one has a ring of truth about it.

It claims Primax Electronics has obtained orders from Amazon for compact camera modules (CCMs) for use in smartphones 'to be launched in first-half 2014'. That's according to sources with Taiwan's supply chain. It adds that the smartphones will feature 'floating touch technology', requiring six of these CCMs to do the job.

The launch date for the phone also seems like an aside in a story about the success of Primax Electronics. Indeed, it probably is. But it makes a lot of sense. We heard back in October that Amazon was planning two smartphones, both of which were likely to slip into 2013 for a launch. One is a budget phone, the other is said to be 3D-based. That could be where all these sensors come in.

Other details are still scarce. There has been talk about HTC making it, there has also been a rumour of it being a Prime-only device. Hopefully we'll see something concrete sooner rather than later. The MWC show makes a lot of sense, perhaps more so than CES, which is a little early for a showcase. We'll keep you posts anyway.

Source: Digitimes

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