Google Nexus 5 gets a subtle makeover

Wow, that was quick. Just a month or so after it launched, the Google Nexus 5 has had a makeover.

Not that you would notice unless you looked very carefully. It seems that Google and LG have taken action after complaints about the build quality of the original Nexus 5. Those issues were based around the display frame, the SIM tray and the buttons, said to be loose and quite noisy.

One person on the XDA-developers Forum returned the phone as faulty and got another in return with a slightly different design. That has been photographed, including the snap you see above, but as we said, you really have to look closely to see the differences.

The original problems look to have been dealt with, while the microphone and speaker holes are now larger. All in all, a more sturdy phone. The speed of change suggests LG and/or Google spotted them early and dealt with them early. Good news if you plan to buy one over the festive season.

If you snapped one up early, we don't think there is a replacement offer officially, but you can always enquire if you are seeing some of the issues listed above.

Sources: XDA-developers Forum and Engadget

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