Ofcom confirms 0800 numbers will be free from mobiles

Good news and bad news time. First up, the good news. It has been confirmed by Ofcom that 800, 0808 and 116 numbers will be free to call from mobile phones. However, in a touch of bad news, the independent regulator added that this will not cone into effect until 2015. Yes, potentially up to two years of paying out until things are sorted.

The principle is simple enough. It seems bizarre that we have to hunt down a BT landline to make a 'free' call to 0800, 0808 and 116 numbers and as such, Ofcom has acted to stop what should be free costing us, the mobile customer. Especially if those calls turn out to be pretty lengthy. In a world where the landline is become more redundant (thanks to the influx of spam calls), most of us make calls via mobile phones and smartphones.

Ofcom will kick off a national campaign to inform the mobile-using public that 'freephone will mean free', as well as confirming that premium rate numbers will also be transparent, with operators having to say whatever service charge they will be adding and how much that call will cost.

The problem is that it isn't going to be quite yet. The reason is down to Ofcom giving the mobile operators a period of grace to sort out capacity to deal with free calls and to deal with any 'hit' they may take in terms of revenue.

So good news that it is all being sorted. Bit annoying that we have a long wait for it go through. Especially as this is something that arguably should have been dealt with years ago.

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