Spotify free streaming confirmed for mobile devices

Good news in some respects for anyone who doesn't pay for a Spotify subscription, you can now get access for free.

Of course, if people are paying good money for full access, you are not going to get all the features for zero cash. But it's a decent compromise. Thanks to a deal with the major labels (the likes of Sony, Warner and Universal), Spotify is now offering a free service along the lines of the streaming radio offerings.

Basically, you choose your artist and a playlist is populated with their back catalogue. You can play the tracks, you can sop them, but you can't choose tracks to listen to directly - it will all be random. Of course, there will be ads slipped in there too, driving up the revenue to Spotify and perhaps driving you to sign up for a full package without the commercial breaks.

It's available now for both Android and iOS users if you want to try it out on your smartphone (presuming you don't already pay Spotify). You'll also be able to make a Led Zeppelin playlist, with the company confirming that the legendary rock band has succumbed and is now on the platform. Right now, the first couple of albums are available, with the rest gradually appearing over the coming days.

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