Nokia Normandy Android phone rumoured

Now here's an interesting one. A Nokia phone running Android? That's what the Nokia Normandy just might be.

The image was leaked previously and generally thought to be a new addition to the budget Asha range from Nokia. However, a report from The Verge (based on several sources) claims that this is an Android phone from Nokia and one that is scheduled for a 2014 release.

With Nokia currently being bought out by Microsoft, that might sound very wide of the mark, given that future Nokia phones would almost certainly be Windows phones. However, the report claims Nokia has been testing the Normandy (unlikely to be the final name) with a 'forked' variant of Android, rather like Amazon's use of Android for the Kindle Fire.

It wants to use this version for its entry-level smartphones, offering access to traditional smartphone apps, something it hasn't been able to do with its current Series 40 budget range. Nokia employees working on Normandy have apparently been informed that the device is planned as a 2014 release, with an insider saying Normandy is 'full steam ahead', which could be a launch sooner rather than later.

That could be its only hope. Once the Microsoft deal is finalised, you would expect Microsoft to look at its own OS for all Nokia releases rather than going down the Android route.

Source: The Verge

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