Android 4.4.2 released for Nexus devices

Plenty of Android updates flying in for Nexus devices right now, although you do wonder if Android 4.4.2 is here because there was something not quite right about Android 4.4.1.

Still, Nexus owners can't really complain. Other non-Google phones across the Android platform have to wait week or even months to see an update. That's the beauty of buying a native Android device.

The latest update has started showing up on the Nexus 4, Nexus 5, Nexus 7 and Nexus 10 and it looks pretty much identical to 4.4.1. That could be for good reason. It seems some users have issues with the last KitKat update, so just four days on, Google has offered something similar which hopefully doesn't cause issues with the hardware - a small patch for those who did download the last update or a 54MB update for those who didn't.

Specifically, it offers to improve the Nexus 5 camera with faster shooting (less shutter lag, less motion blur), faster more accurate focusing, better white balancing for 'truer' colours and more accurate exposures. On top of that, there are software fixes and security enhancements across the board as Google irons out any early problems with KitKat.

Nothing huge (unless you were unhappy with the Nexus 5 camera performance), but it looks like Google is committed to getting this right, which is perhaps good news for anyone with a non-Google phone sitting and waiting for the update further down the line.

Source: Android Police

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